About us

Hi everyone! We are Jesus and Luis, the founders of Authentic Spain.


We are both from the not very well known Region of Aragon, located South of the Pyrenees and part of the North Eastern side of Spain. We grew up and shared our summers together in our village: Calamocha. It is said that “Calamocha is Jamón” and the truth is that there are more pork legs than citizens in there. Haha!


Luis was born and lived during his childhood and teenage in Teruel (the county's capital and home to some of the best parties ever - Vaquillas).

He went to study nothing less than 2 Bachelor Degrees (Sports Ciences and Teaching of Physical Education) in Valencia.

Then he worked as personal trainer, School activities organiser and summer camps coordinator in Spain.

However, as he has always been an adventurer in 2014 moved to London to work as a swimming teacher.

He is now part of this amazing project with Jesus and will try his best to help you enjoy the real parties in Spain!


Jesus was born in Zaragoza (the capital of Aragon). He spent his early years in Calamocha with family and friends and moved back to the city to study Law. Degree he completed in the very best moment: 2009 exactly during the outbreak of the Financial Crisis.

Then he moved to the South of England to improve his language skills.

In 2012 completed a Masters Degree in The Netherlands and renturned to the UK to live in Edinburgh between 2013 and 2014.

After a quite a few months of hard work, together with Luis, they embark on a crusade to export the true Spanish Fiesta and show the best Spain can provide.


How did it happen?

Some time in the Winter of 2014 during one of those conversations debating how interesting our traditions are and how great it would be to bring others to enjoy them with us we came up with the idea of creating an Agency to make it happen. Authentic Spain had been born.


We did not want a typical Agency, we wanted our clients to be our guests, to be part of what takes place here, because the only way to make the most of a trip abroad is to be there with the locals.


But why?

  1. Because they are the ones who (after a lifetime of experiences) know the places, the bars, the restaurants, the real top attractions...
  2. Because they love their hometowns and traditions and nothing makes a trip more enjoyable than doing it with someone who loves the places you are visiting.

Our Logo

Were does our logo come from?

Our logo represents "El torico" ("the little bull" in the local language). A statue located atop a column in the main square of Teruel. during the Vaquillas (the main fiestas in town) the "torico" wears a red kerchief around the neck, as everyone else in the city as a symbol of the celebrations. So that is why our own torico wears its red kerchief aswell!


What is "El torico" and why Teruel?

It is a statue of a small size bull that represents the foundation and name of the city.

The legend says that a bull stopped underneath a star and begun to roar and a group of priests considered it a sign, that a new city had to be built on that spot.

As the bull (TOR in Aragonian) was roaring to a star (ACTUEL in Aragonian) the city was named TORUEL, becoming today's TERUEL with the passing of the years.

On top of that both of us are originary from the province of Teruel and for that reason we have always been connected with "el Torico" and "Vaquillas".

We hope you enjoy this website and everything it has to offer.

Thanks for visiting!

"El torico" during the parties of Teruel.

Representation of Teruel in the source of the river Tagus.