Party: San Lorenzo

Location: Huesca

Dates in 2015: 9-15 AUGUST

One week in green and white

9th of August: In the morning everyone meets to have a good brunch to prepare for a long celebratory day.

Once ready, in the Cathedral's square everyone baths in wine while waiting for the speech and the "cohete anunciador" (pyrotechnic rocket) that symbolizes  the begining of the parties.

On the 10th, 11th and 15th of August "Los danzantes" (the dancers) act in a series of shows to prove their devotion to the Saint (San Lorenzo).

The repertoire includes coreographies with swords, sticks and ribbons.

Every afternoon during the San Lorenzo's celebrations, the "Gigantes, cabezudos y caballicos" (giants, bigheads and little horses) parade the streets of Huesca. 

This is a medieval tradition that has been kept until our days and exported to countries all over the world.

Every evening those who are looking for a long night can find it in the "Recinto Peñista", which is a clubbing like area with concerts, live music, dj's and other amenities that will entertain anyone until the sunrise.

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