Location: SORIA

Dates in 2015: 25 - 29 JUNE

A 6 days long party

Day 1: WEDNESDAY - "El pregón". At 11PM takes place the first event, a meeting in the main square to hear a speech from the Mayor and kickstart the celebrations in what will be a long night out.

Day 2: THURSDAY "La saca". Either wake up early or don't really go to bed, but this morning everyone goes to the countryside to "free" a group of bulls and then riders will direct them into town with horses.

Day 3: FRIDAY - "De toros". A very popular day, everyone gathers in the bullring and the neighbouring area, dressed up and bringing food a drink to consume all day long.

Day 4: SATURDAY - "Ajés". This is the time when the "Cuadrillas" (Neigbourhood Asociations) organise auctions for the meat of the bulls freed during the "Saca".

Day 5: SUNDAY - "De Calderas". The whole town desses up for this day. Parades will take place with extraordinarily decorated pots (or calderas) where the meat auctioned on Saturday used to be cooked.

Day 6: MONDAY - "De Bailas". Last day of the parties there are parades where throwing water has become a sport. The gathering takes place by the river side where the local band bids farewell to the parties of San Juan.

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