Location: TUDELA

Dates in 2015: 24-30 JULY

A crowds-free San Fermin

24th July: The "Chupinazo" (for the pyrotechnic rocket) marks the begining of the party. At 12AM with the Town Hall's Square packed and after a short speech a rocket is launched and with its explosion the party starts!

Every evening takes place the "Revoltosa" or "Revolvedera". Just after midnight the band plays a popular folk song and people starts dancing/walking around the bandstand in the Town Hall's Square. Eventually the musicians speed up and so do the dancers trying to keep pace with the rythm.

Every day at 8AM: "Encierros"! Yes in this town located in the same Region as Pamplona every morning the bulls are carried through the streets from the bullpen to the bullring. This event is what we call a "encierro". Pure adrenaline!

Every morning at 11AM the "Gigantes y Cabezudos" (giants and bigheads) parade through the streets in with bands playing regional instruments. 

The "Cabezudos" carry thin sticks, chasing and hitting the children and young teenagers who mock them.

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