Come to Vaquillas 2016 with Authentic Spain &Peña El Ajo!

8 - 11 July

for only 95 €


  • Wristband with discounts in the bar from Peña el Ajo
  • T-shirt/present from the festival
  • Tickets for dinners, lunches, drinks and raffles
  • Magazine and detailled programme of the festival
  • 6 tickets to choose from long drinks, litres of beer, calimocho (red wine + coke) or refreshments in the bar from Peña el Ajo
  • Dinners on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and lunch on Sunday
  • Aperitive (pre-lunch snack) on Sunday and Monday
  • Coffee/spirit/cigar on Sunday and Monday
  • Afternoon snacks on Sunday (sandwich, fruit & present) and Monday (pastry & beer)
  • Free bar at night on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (2 hours each day)
  • Free bar ("remojones") in the local from Peña el Ajo and bars around the town (from Friday to Monday)
  • Holi powder bag
  • Raffles
    • You may win your weight in litres of beer San Miguel
    • You may win tickets for the Rototom Sunsplash Festival for 2016
    • You may win tickets for the Moto GP Grand Prix of Aragon 2016

Enjoy the festival like if you were a local!

Book for only 10€ (non-refundable)

Also in Teruel there will be...

  • Free Camping (text us for more information about it)
  • All the shows are free (there will be paid entry to the events held in the bullring)