Location: TARAZONA

Dates in 2015: 27 AUGUST - 1 SEPTEMBER

Yes! Tomato throwing!

27th August: In the early hours of this day the crowds meet in the streets between the Town Hall and the Old bullring (an impressive XIX century construction composed of flats built in a ring shape) Everyone ir readening for the tomato fight and doing some target practice.

27th August: Hit&run but in a completely different way. The cipotegato (a clown like dressed man) runs through the village trying to get to the centre of the square and climbs to a statue (dedicated to its figure) beginning in that way the parties. All of that with people throwing hundreds tomatoes at him.

Two evenings during the parties there is a parallel bull festival. Among other shows in includes traditional bullfights and "novilladas" (younger bulls for younger bullfighters learning their profession).

But the real fun takes place outside of the sand. The "charangas" (traditional music bands) play while everyone has a snack, drinks and dances.

Another very interesting event that takes place in Tarazona these days is the "Jota" Festival. The jota is the regional folk dance and music. The dancers dress in their folk costumes and play castanets during their performances. It is very impressive to hear the shouting-like songs and the jumps from the coreographies.

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