Location: TERUEL

Dates in 2015: 11 - 13 JULY

An intense weekend ahead

Saturday: Locals and visitors spend the early afternoon throwing wine at each other and walking or dancing throught the city's bars and "peñas" (cultural asociations that organise concerts, meals and much more during the weekend) with the traditional bands (called "charangas").

Saturday: With the crowds meeting in the surroundings of "El torico" (the little bull) in the towncentre, at 4PM it takes place the kickstart of the parties: when the members of one of the "peñas" climb the column to reach the statue of the little bull and put a red kerchief ("pañuelico") aound it's neck.

Sunday: It takes place the famous "merienda" (the Spanish equivalent for the afternoon tea that consists of a sandwich or snack) in the bullring, where everyone brings food and drink to consume while watching those brave enough to be in the ring dribling young bulls.

Monday: Today the bulls take the streets. They are not taken from or to the bullring, but walk the streets without fences. Where's the trick? The bulls are held by a rope tied to their horns to stop them before they hit anyone or run away from the main paths.

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